Löschen eines Mitarbeiters aus dem NAB sorgt für ein Löschen von Leser- und Autorenfeldern

Folgende Fehlermeldung im Noteslog: "Admin Process: Adding entry will cause text list to exceed 64K. Entry not added."
Ein Mitarbeiter wurde im NAB gelöscht.
Der nachfolgende AdminP - Job sollte den Mitarbeiter in der Datenbank in allen Dokumenten aus den Leser- und Autorenfeldern entfernen.
In den entsprechenden Adressdokumenten wurden Leser - und Autorenfelder auf leer zurückgesetzt.
Ursache eventuell ein Problem des AdminP Tasks in Domino siehe Beschreibung hier: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/fixlist.nsf/Public/43C6D89687B8EA8F85257648006DED25?OpenDocument


SPR# PBIT7PDFWS - Under some circumstances the removal of the last name from a "Name List" event can occur frequently and exhaust the amount of memory available to report all of the situations where the last entry has been removed. When this occurs it manifest itself with the following error being displayed to both the console and in the response document for Delete in Reader/Author Fields request.

Error: Adding entry will cause text list to exceed 64K. Entry not added. This solution provides server based ini variables to allow administrators to specify whether they would like adminp to report that the last entry of an item has been removed as a result of a name delete operation (Person, Server, or Group Deletion).

The following INIs are now available to help with this situation.

The following ini will never record that the last entry of an item has been removed.


The following ini variable will never record that the last entry of a NAMES item has been removed. When only this ini variable is specified, any reader/author item which had it's last entry removed will continue to be recorded in the Delete reader/author request response document.


These INI variables can be specified on in the Server's NOTES.INI file to affect the recording of the last entry being removed on databases managed by that server.

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